Does being part of a go-getting, collaborative, and boutique creative team seem
We are looking for a dynamic, friendly, go-getter, self-sufficient, flexible, quick learner, highly organized tour coordinator + client relations coordinator! Also must have a sense of humor and easy going in nature - We work hard, but also like to have fun!
Ideally, we would need someone who could come into our Alameda studio 1 or 2 times a week, but can also work independently as the rest can be remote.  This is a part-time, contract position.  This is NOT a creative or design position.
Duties include:
Coordinating classes, tours, ordering supplies, shipping supplies to tour cities, collect sponsor logos, uploading classes to our website, send out contracts + invoices, and maintaining organized records, .  This person would also help to create a timeline and keep all partnerships and vendors on task.  They will also help to answer all incoming inquiries. 
Must be proficient with email, blogging, googledocs, squarespace, paypal or other invoicing tools.
A plus if you are proficient in Illustrator/Photoshop*


- excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

- resourcefulness + can think quick on their feet + but can also take constructive criticism

- have a car/driver's license

- can drive to our Alameda studio atleast once or twice/week + the rest can be remote

- enjoys working in a collaborative environment, sometimes with little/no direction 

- proficient with instagram + social media platforms + pinterest

- has high level of taste, and interested in education + art/weddings 

- strong writing skills

- friendly, speedy, reliable, easy to get a long with in boutique environment, sense of humor is must

Hourly or biweekly stipend, BOE. 

10-15 hours/weekly

What you will learn:

How to create highly visual content and be part of a successful creative brand in a start up culture.  How to build brand stories and visually communicate them through instagram to build a loyal fanbase.  How to create social media campaigns, flyers, and creative content to capture an audience through our newsletter, blog, and other outreach .

To Apply, 

Please send to [email protected] <<<Tour Coordinator + Client relations position>>> in subject heading.

1. copy and paste the body of cover letter into the email,

2. attach your resume 

You will not be considered if there are spelling errors, or if any of the above is missing.

Could possibly lead to a contract position for the right candidate. Good luck and please no phone-calls or in person visits.