If you follow us on Instagram or have taken a class through The Sketchbook Series, you know just how much we love our Copic markers. With good reason, I might add! As an artist, designer, creative -- we have to invest in the best tools. There's really no short-cut there. I'm constantly on the lookout for tools and materials that will enhance my craft. If you're serious about being the BEST, like I know you are - then investing in the BEST will have to do.

When I discovered Copic markers 6 years ago, I was hooked on the quality of them. I've spent money on other brands but the consistency and results were just not up to par. Copic markers produce professional results even if you're new to sketching. They give a watercolor effect that I just can't find anywhere else and the blending quality is incredible.

Cake inspiration from Jasmine Rae Cakes

Cake inspiration from Jasmine Rae Cakes

Recently, after visiting Copic's North America office this summer - our brand rep gave me a nylon pen called The Gasenfude Pen. Typically, I stick to Macron or Faber-Castell detail pens when I finish my sketches, but you guys -- I think I have found my new FAVORITE Pen! This pen is pretty magical, it does take a little bit of getting use to as you have to have pretty good control of how to add and take away pressure. BUT the results are amazing if I do say so myself! The pen works like a paintbrush, but I don't have to dip or redip my marker to get a more saturated color. If you can see, the less pressure I put on my pen, the thinner the line weight and the more pressure I put, the thicker the line weight. Doing this allows for very interesting textures and adds dimension to the sketch. The thick and thin lines add so much varied detail to the above sketch of a cake design by the ever talented @jasmineraecakes right here in SF!!


If you want to get your hands on this little Unicorn pen, you can purchase here.

If you end up trying it out, share with us your sketch by posting on your Instagram and tagging @verymaryinspired and @thesketchbookseries, with #sketchedwithgasenfude #showusyoursketches

Although Copic is our national sponsor, this product review is not a paid endorsement.
We just really love this pen!