A Behind the Scenes Look at Sourced Co.

A strong design doesn't just fall into your lap. It’s something that takes time and creative energy to develop. And, as a lot of us have experienced, the final design usually isn’t exactly what you had in mind to start. Rather, it’s a version of it that worked because of props, lighting, photography or just dumb luck.

Here at Sourced Co., we practice a few things that not only help us develop a final design we can be jazzed about but produce a final collection of styled stock photography that inspires others. And, one of those things is incorporating sketching into our design process! Shout out to Mary for helping other creatives learn and practice this skill! We absolutely think it is important and here’s a behind the scenes look at our design process to show you why.

Probably like most of you, we start our design process by creating a mood board. It acts as the creative brief of sorts to guide all of us towards one aesthetic goal. And, along the way, we constantly refer back to it to make sure we’re on track with colors, style, and general mood.


This is an especially important part of our process since we usually are building concepts that are out of the actual season we are in. So, it helps to keep our eyes looking forward as opposed to being distracted by the trends going on all around us.

MB6 Floral.jpg


Next, we sketch! Sometimes, the sketches are more like scribbles (hey, real life) but sometimes, we take the time to do it proper sitting down with pencils, paints, markers and all to create an initial concept sketch to start bringing the mood board to life! Another shout out to our girl Breesa Lee for creating the concept for the rad backdrop you are going to see more of in just a bit!

In addition to that, we usually incorporate drawings and paint washes into our custom stationery elements, so this is the phase where the computers get put down and the pencils get picked up.


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.57.42 PM.png
MB6 Deer.jpg


The part in between drawing things out and the actual photo shoot is a bit of a whirlwind; with the four of us going out to divide and conquer! We source all of our props and shoot locations. We design and print our custom elements. We fill our homes with #allthethings to pack and bring to shoot day. And, along the way, that mood board and concept sketch work to keep us all in check.



In the end, we end up with a collection of stock photos and graphics for wedding and creative professionals to use to inspire their own work!


How do you use sketching in your design process? We (and Mary) would love to know!