9/15 Intro to Digital Sketching using iPad


9/15 Intro to Digital Sketching using iPad


Date: Saturday, 9/15
Time: 10AM-2PM
Instructor: Mary Phan*

Location: Kinfolk Inspired Space
2090 Warm Springs Ct. Ste #280, Fremont CA

What will be provided: Each participant will be given a basic sketch kit + tote bag (each attendee will get to use a class set of markers which need to be returned at the end of class)

What you need to bring to class: iPad (The current version of Procreate for iPad is 4.0.8, and requires iOS 11.1 or newer), Apple Pencil (or stylus) and you’ll need to download the Procreate app prior to the start of class.

Meals: No meals or snacks will be provided at this class.

Refunds/Cancellations/Transfers: We do not offer refunds once you have signed up for class. So please make sure the dates and schedule works before signing up. If you cannot attend, you will need to find your own replacement and notify us via hello@verymaryinspired.com to let us know as soon as possible.

Please read our full FAQs page before signing up. Once you have purchased a class with us, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Who this is for:

Welcome to our new local summer/fall local classes! If you’re new around here, welcome!! We are excited to offer an intro class to digital sketching. This class is great for beginners or anyone wanting to learn some techniques using Procreate on your iPad. This class is open to anyone looking to learn and isn’t just for creative professionals. If you’ve already taken our sketching classes, but want more practice or take it beyond paper and pencil - this will be a great class for you! Come join us in a fun, creative, and community style environment where everyone is encouraging and friendly. We take you step by step through the lessons and because it is geared to a small group, rest assured you can feel comfortable asking questions! After taking this intro to digital sketching, you’ll feel confident to practice on your iPad. This is a great class if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated by technology but want to take a no pressure approach to learning. How great would it be to walk into a client meeting and be able to quickly show an idea/concept without taking up a lots of time or lugging around tons of supplies? We want you to keep up with your skills by practicing after our class, but now you’ll have another tool under your belt so you can whip up sketches in no time!

What you’ll learn:

  • Basic intro into the Procreate app

  • Go over quick sketches using paper and pencil then transferring to iPad

  • How to create layers

  • Go over basic tools and quick tips/tricks

  • How to create a time lapse video within procreate

  • How to send .jpg files and upload them into your working presentations

  • How to organize your files in the Procreate app/Dropbox

What’s included in the sketch kit:

  • Totebag

  • Sketchbook + pencil for pre-sketching exercises/drills

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About the instructor:

Mary has always been drawn to the arts. After beginning her career as an interior designer, dabbling in fashion and staging model homes, Mary’s love of creating an atmosphere and a feeling in the spaces she entered inspired her to launch Very Merry Events in 2008.

In addition to creating memorable experiences, Mary sent her clients’ home with physical mementos in the form of custom illustrations that became an indispensable part of her design process. In 2013, Mary took that love of illustration to the next level, launching The Sketchbook Series to help other event planners and designers learn a skill that had become a key way that she communicated with her clients. 

Although Mary no longer plans and designs events, she has become an impactful creative leader and has a passion for inspiring creatives everywhere.

Aside from traveling and teaching, Mary shares her adventurous days with her husband and 2 little boys located in the San Francisco, Bay Area.   

“I love how my art has become a way to work with and support other event professionals. I love using it to empower and encourage creatives to pursue their passions. I want my art to inspire others to keep working toward their dreams.”

— Mary Phan